Alive Naturals Services

Custom Formulations

Custom formulations are our specialty.  Whether you already have a formula you would like produced or you would like to create one, our experienced professionals are happy to work with you. We also offer  stock formulations which can carry our label or your own.  We are available to help you bring your new formula to the marketplace.

We do continuous research on the latest nutraceutical products in order to bring you cutting edge trends for today’s consumer.  Our complete line of products and bulk ingredients offers you an extensive array of possibilities when creating your custom formulas. Our expansive ingredient list can expand to acquire any ingredient that you are looking for.  Just ask and we will get it for you.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and testing facilities along with our experienced team of scientists enables us to ensure that we are offering the highest quality nutritional formulations to our customers. In addition our up-to-date manufacturing facilities and strict quality control standards guarantee that all products will be in compliance with your specifications, any regulatory agency policies, or cultural requirements throughout the manufacturing process. We are fully equipped to meet all of your needs.

Custom Graphics and Packaging

Once your product is made our service doesn’t stop there.  We offer a packaging and graphics service which will turn your project into reality.  If you wish, we can bottle or box your product in whatever type and size of container you would like.  Then we can apply graphics to the box, carton or bottle.  You can provide the graphics or we have graphic artists to assist in your creation.  Below are just a few of the services we offer:

  • We can use your pre-existing logos, graphics, or labels.
  • Our experienced graphic design can use their experience in branding, supplement facts panels, packaging and label design to create a custom label for you.
  • You can choose a stock label and we will put you company logo on the label.
  • Don't have a logo? Our graphic team can create a logo for you!

We offer an unlimited variety of packaging options, including jars and bottles, blister packs and cartons, packets and pouches, in all shapes and sizes. Our packaging specialists can even create a new design to suit your needs. Our team of graphic artists offer all design services, including logo development.

Quality Control